If you weren’t outraged by the racial justice marches this summer, you can’t be outraged at the Capitol invasion.

This is the current refrain from the pro-Trump, far-right social media sphere. Their argument: It’s hypocritical to be bent out of shape that people stormed the capitol building if you weren’t…

This was supposed to be the moment. A changed tone. Tamped-down rhetoric. A sober approach to the coronavirus.

Breathless anchors rushed to share the new perspective of the president, a return to daily briefings, and a renewed respect for the virus that has claimed so many. …

Image from Business Insider. Apparently a “clever” dig at the pro-choice movement that actually proves the point of the pro-choice movement?

I have little respect for Anti-Vaxxers.

Correction: I have zero respect for Anti-Vaxxers.

They reject science. They put others in danger. They are entitled and selfish.

They might argue that there is science connecting vaccinations to autism, thus justifying their choice. While there is a rise in diagnoses of autism…

The New Deal. The Monroe Doctrine. Reaganomics.

Strong presidents throughout our history have legacies carved indelibly based on their accomplishments. Who can think of emancipation without Lincoln? How about the Cold War without Kennedy? …

Jamie Kanter

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